Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Best Years...

I remember when the boys were little and thinking "Oh things will be so much easier when you can walk, or tell me why your crying!"  Then they do and you wish they were babies again.  Then they go to school, your working all day, come home and get supper and then spend your evening helping with homework and before you know it, it's bed time and you haven't had anytime for yourself or got housework done!  And you think "Oh I wish you could do more stuff for yourself!"  Then they do and you wish they needed you more!  I think at every stage the boys have gone through I wished them to the next stage in their life and once they got there I wished them back until now.

Today, I had a great day, Zac and I picked Ryan, Bailey and Cayden, they had some running around to do and we needed to pick up a dresser for Cayden.  We all went for lunch and as we sat there talking and laughing (so hard at times we were crying).  I thought to myself, "Look at these great young men!"  They are funny, thoughtful, kind and so much fun to be around.  I like these guys, I mean of course I love them, I love them more then anything in the world, but I really and truly LIKE these guys.  They are people I consider friends.  We still have a Mom and Son relationship but I think for the first time we also have a friendship. 

I'm not sure why it just hit me today or why I'm so shocked.  I consider my Mom to be one of my closest friends!   So maybe that is the way with all parents and children when they get older.  And I'm sure if you asked the boys if they considered me one of their friends they would say "No, she just Mom!" and that's ok too!

I guess my point is that I have enjoyed every stage of life my boys have gone through so far, yes even the terrible 2's and the teenage years (one is still in that stage) but I can honestly say that this time in their lives is my favorite by far!  I'm not wishing them to the next stage and I don't wish them back a younger stage, I hope this is where we stay forever!

I honestly think these are the BEST YEARS!!!


  1. Love it Erica...beautiful words my friend:)


  2. Oh Erica-boo, you melt my heart! Love you baby girl! xoxoxoxoxxo Mom

  3. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that I saw your blog was public!! I am so proud.

    You have one very amazing family. Amazing!! If you ask J, he will testify to the fact that I say every stage is my favorite. Living in the moment is key, I agree! And I am so glad to see from your testimony here that it is just goin to get better!!!

    Love ya Girlie! Keep bloggin'! You are making MY heart smile now :)