Wednesday, 20 April 2011

True Love...

Today on my Facebook, my sister inlaw posted a song with a video that was about being a Mom.  It started out asking "If you could go back in time and tell yourself one thing before your first child was born what would it be?"  Then it has several Mom's holding signs they wrote with their answers on it. 

They were all good answers some were..."Imperfect is the new perfect", "Be brave", "Take time to fit back into your jeans" ( I did not do that!!), "Real men change diapers", "Take time for yourself", "Your Mom was RIGHT!" (you were too MOM!), "Your going to make mistakes" these are all very good and true.

Then there were a couple I didn't really understand like..."You can live with out sleep" (no I can't, anyone who knows me would agree with that.  I NEED my sleep!!!  That would be why at 2 weeks Ryan was on cereal and sleeping through the night!!)  The other one that I didn't understand was "Take time to fall in love with your Baby".  I loved both children long before they were born.  I remember being pregnant for Ryan and his little bum sticking out and rubbing it.  After he was born for the first year rubbing his bum was a sure way to get him to sleep! (I'm sure he will appreciate me writing that!)  And when I was pregnant for Zac his feet were always sticking out my side and I loved tickling them.  I loved both boys from the time I knew I was pregnant.

Which leads me to the one I thought was so very true..."Get ready to know what true love really is!"  Chris and I had been together almost 3 years before Ryan was born and if in those 3 years if you would have ask me if I knew what true love was I would have answered "Yes, that is what we have".  I would have been wrong because on October 11, 1991 at 10:07 pm I finally knew what True Love was.  It happened twice that night.  First was when I seen Chris' face as he looked at Ryan for the first time, tears in his eyes, describing him to me before I seen him and the second time was when Chris placed Ryan in my arms. 

I have been lucky enough to have know that feeling several more times.  Again on September 9th, 1994, at 2:20 pm when our second son, Zac was born.  And the lastest time was November 24, 2010 at 1:10 pm that is the day Cayden was born and on that day I felt true love on 3 levels...for Cayden, for Ryan all over again because I could see that he knew finally knew what true love was and for Chris all over again because he had that same look on his face as he looked at Cayden for the first time that he did when our boys were born.

PS Ryan and Bay...there was another sign that I liked to it said "Let Grandparents spoil the kids!"  I agree with that one also :)

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  1. Oh my wonderful have missed your calling in life you should be a writer for Hallmark channel you make my heart swell up with pride and bring tears to my eyes...I love you baby girl and I am so proud of the woman, wife, mother and grandmother you are!