Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Some Pretty Amazing Teenagers

This year Zac is in grade 11 and he was involved in the making of a documentary for one of his classes.  This was something he really enjoyed doing (so much actually that he got detention because he jigged other classes to work on his film...but that is another blog!LOL) 

We have found over the years that if Zac likes something and has a passion for it he will put his heart and soul in it!  And he sure did just that for this project.

District 18 is trying to promote this for it's students and held a screening of the best documentaries from Fredericton High, Leo Hayes and Stanley High.  They held it May 26th at UNB and it was called "What's Up Doc?"  They even had awards that looked like little Oscars but they were called the Bunnies!  They had a panel of judges that judged the films on things like Best Producer, Best Editor, Best Picture, etc.

I want to tell you that these films were AMAZING!  The documentaries were about real things that high school students are facing.

Zac's film was about bullying, the traditional bullying that we all think about, but also about Cyber Bullying and the effect it has on kids.  It was very good and gave lots of information that I didn't know.

Another group of kids did their film on Eating Disorders.  They told their stories about why and how their disorders started, what it did to their families and how it still effects their lives today.  What impressed me about this film was that the main people in this film were males.  When I think of eating disorders I always think it something that effects mostly girls.  It was very interesting to hear from the guys how they have the same body image issues that girls have!

But the one that blew me away was the one on Drug Addiction.  These students set in front of the camera and told their stories.  These kids are 14 -18 year old and what they have gone through!  One girl told her story of doing any kind of drug she could get a hold of and living under the Westmorland Street Bridge for a week because at 14 she lost the apartment she was living in and was not allowed to live at her house!  I'm 38 years old and won't walk after dark because I'm scared, I can't imagine living like that.  I was so impressed about how these teenagers talked so openly about the problems and struggles they faced and still face after going through rehab. 

We have been so very blessed to have 2 wonderful, really great kids and I can honestly say that I have never had to worry about where they were and what they were doing.  As of now neither have come home drunk or stoned, they have never missed curfew and have never been in serious trouble.  I certainly know that we still have one left at home and that could change but I pray everyday that we are able to help Zac continue to live the life he has been living.   We are so proud of both the boys.

As I sat in that theatre and watched this girl telling her story and trying to educate teenagers on the dangers of drug addiction, I looked around to see how proud this girl's mom must be (she was in the film telling some of the stuff the family went through) but she wasn't there!  My heart broke alittle for that girl until I saw her in the crowd and seen the look of pride on her face.  Good for her!!!

I'm telling you about this for 2 reasons, first if you ever have the chance to go to this please do.  It took a lot for these kids to get up in front of a camera and tell their stories of bullying, eating disorders and drug addiction, they weren't scared of people judging them or making fun of them they just wanted to tell their story and help others.  And secondly, we are all very busy and have more things to do then there is time to do them, it seems now a days but always try to make the time to show your kids how proud you are of them.  My parents did and I try to do it as much as I can.  It builds their self confidence which can hopefully help them feel good about themselves and if we're lucky they will never go through these kinds of problems.

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  1. Once again...you have written from your heart and it touches mine honey. Garrie and I were so thrilled to be part of Zac's big night and see his film and watch him get his award. You are right we are very blessed to have 2 wonderful teenagers in our family. Of course, there Mom was a prefect child! So they had a great example! Love you honey and very proud of you!